About Us

Know about IIHA

The Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) is a non-profit national organization, registered Under the Trust Act 1882, the Copyright Act 1999, with a motive to promote Indian ihemp and ihemp products globally. Established in 2011, the alliance represents those involved in India’s iHemp industry, both nationally and globally. IIHA is the only association in the league to advocate Industrial Hemp cultivation; first to cultivate hemp legally after procuring relevant licenses post legalization in Uttarakhand.

What IIHA Does

The key functions of the alliance are disseminating information, promoting the use of nutritional and industrial hemp, creating awareness and then in turn creating an opportune market, coordinating research; publish data about the Ihemp industry and to establish market figures and trends. It gives industrial partners, an easy access to the Indian hemp industry.

IIHA’s Mission

To support the cultivation, processing, and use of Industrial Hemp in India.

IIHA Members

The members of IIHA include farmers, researchers, processors, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and marketers of industrial hemp. It serves such members by disseminating research on Industrial hemp and by promoting the use of industrial and nutritional hemp.

Rohit Sharma President (IIHA)
Lorem ipsum Vice President (IIHA)
Lorem ipsum Director Finance & Investments (IIHA)
Dr Lorem ipsum Director R&D; (IIHA)



Through persistent effort, IIHA made the cultivation of industrial hemp legal in parts of India.


After hemp cultivation was legalized in Uttarakhand, IIHA was the first to cultivate it after obtaining the required licenses.

President Desk

Rohit Sharma

Founder and President, Indian Industrial Hemp Association

Mr. Rohit Sharma, Founder and President of the Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) He is working for over & years in the field of Industrial hemp-based Economy development in India and across borders. This includes Industrial Hemp Fiber, Nutrients, Oil, Medicines, biomass feedstock, Insulation, Eco- Construction material, bio-based plastics and composites.
The focus of his work is market analysis, and ecological evaluation as well as the political and economic framework for Industrial Hemp-based processes and applications ("level playing field for industrial material use"). As an executive officer of Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) & Hemp PharmaPvt Ltd Mr. Sharma, a Partner and Member of European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)"Ad-hoc Advisory Group of Industrial Hemp Europe (2015-2016). He is also member and partner of various "Expert Group on Hemp-based Products", Member of the WASME (India) 2013 PHD Chambers (India) 2015 and many others.